Fineblanking Process Fundamentals

Fineblanking is a cold forming process for moderate to high volume production of precision components.

For general guidelines regarding the fineblanking process and material selection, click here.

The fineblank process incorporates three forces, as shown in the adjacent diagram:

  • V-Ring Pressure is applied to the raw material surrounding the area to be fineblanked.  An impingement is created in the material, which may be applied to one or both sides of the material, depending on material thickness.
  • Main Pressure extrudes the part from the material strip.
  • Counter Pressure opposes the Main Pressure to help maintain the shape, flatness and integrity of the component throughout the fineblank process.

After the part has been formed, the tool is opened and the part and slugs (offal) are ejected from the tool and exit through the back of the die.

Fineblank dies are robust tools featuring tight clearances between elements (generally 1/2 of 1% of material thickness).

For general guidelines about the fineblanking process and material selection, click here:

Fineblanking Guidelines