MPI Meets Industrial & Commercial Market Demand

Our passions are collaboration, expertise and speed. We work closely with all our customers to help them successfully launch their product faster than they ever thought possible.

  • Hydraulic Pumps/Motors
  • Compressors
  • Oil Drilling Equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Seating
  • Defense
  • Steering
  • Electronics/Office
  • Engine Management
  • Power Tools

Electrical & Electrical Device Capabilities

camsFineblanking delivers the attractive appearance and close tolerances required of today’s electronics manufacturers. Customers in these industries expect the equipment they buy to look as modern as the technology inside. Fine blanked components will always say “highest quality”.

In addition, fineblanking delivers:

  • superior flatness (.001 inches),
  • profile tolerance (.001),
  • true position (.001),
  • and hole size (.001) for your most demanding applications.

Here are some examples of benefits provided to our Electrical/Electronic device customers:

Electric Controls Core plate used in a specialty magnetic circuit Smooth edges and close tolerances satisfied a crucial air gap requirement.
Electric Motors Armature Lamination used in custom electric actuator Because these parts were to be used in stacks of 50 pieces, flatness and size consistency were essential. Fineblanking achieved both with ease.
Electronics Bus Bar used to connect control unit to external 12V battery Since this part is highly visible, fine edge condition and overall appearance are critical.

Heat Sink The flatness provided by fineblanking improved heat transfer.
Electronics Scalloped Washer A unique edge profile, as well as close tolerances, made fineblanking the logical choice for producing these components.


MPI’s Hydraulic & Pneumatic Device Capabilities


  • Including components used in:
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Servo Valves
  • Proportional Valves
  • Electric Displacement Control Valves

During a recent “bake off” between competing processes at a major hydraulic valve manufacturer, MPI fineblanking was selected over stamping, machining, powdered metal, and investment casting. Fineblanking was not only cost effective, but also provided the highest quality results.

One reason for our success in the hydraulic arena is our low cost structure. Another is that we have access to the full array of secondary processes required to produce valve plates, pole pieces, pivot plates, etc., including double disc grinding, milling, tapping, heat-treating, brazing, broaching, and annealing.

Here are some examples of benefits provided to our hydraulic device customers:

Type of part Part function Part specification in inches Cost and Quality Benefits
Pole Piece Part of the magnetic  circuit of the valve Flatness .005 Form height. .002 Cost – Surface features added at no cost include embossing and forming. Quality -Full Cpk analysis of critical
Pivot Plate Beryllium Copper Pivot used in control valve Profile tolerance .005 Flatness .001 True position .004 Cost – Lowest cost process option. Quality – Valve linearity improved by maintaining close tolerances. Most consistent process piece-to-piece and lot-to-lot.
Wear Plate Bimetal Plate used in hydraulic pump Flatness .005 Cost – Multiple machining operations
eliminated by fineblanking. Quality – Improved flatness aided secondary grinding operation.

Self Retaining Gasket Flatness .001 16 micro finish, profile tolerance .001 Cost – Eliminated a grinding operation. Quality – flatness and surface finish ensured a leak-free seal.
Lever External Pump Speed Control Lever Internal profile .002 Cost – Fineblanking eliminated forming and broaching operations. Quality – Improved true position of
critical features.
Orifice Precision Orifice for pneumatic device Hole tolerance .001 Cost – Fineblanking eliminated secondary
reaming operation. Quality – Improved consistency of hole diameter from Cpk=1.1 to Cpk =2.7