Engineering & Support

Manufacturing success begins with much thought and planning. It is important to take into account not only the desired characteristics of the end product, but also the best manufacturing processes for that product. Cost and process capability are key factors to consider when planning a product’s manufacturing processes.

Engineering & Support

Each MPI location is equipped with design and process engineering specialists who continually focus on development of efficient manufacturing solutions in order to address our customers’ needs.

At MPI, our products begin with fineblanking and may incorporate any number of value-added operations to provide our customers with one-stop shopping for their precision component needs. MPI’s in-house finishing capabilities are vast. Not only are we a global leader in fineblanking technology, we are also a best-in-class supplier for precision grinding and finishing.

As a prime contractor for many applications, we specialize in assisting our customers to produce complex assemblies, utilizing our products in unison with products and services offered by other specialists. From hand-crafted prototypes to mass produced components utilizing high-volume integrated manufacturing processes, MPI’s technical prowess has evolved through a history of firsthand experience.

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