New 1000 Ton Press and Fineblanking Future

2016-11-23_201437Based on the rising Automotive/Industrial development in the central region of Mexico, MPI Products LLC increased the capacity and size of its facility in Queretaro, Mexico, by adding a new 1000 Ton dual press ( Progressive/ Coil Transfer).

The new press complements the five others presses that the company currently has to cover the Automotive Market needs in México.

This acquisition will represent a 5 Million strokes increase of open capacity, which will be available to new and current customers.

Fineblanking Future (Diversifying overall capabilities)

2016-11-23_201338Currently MPI Products LLC is a leader in Fineblanking for North America. Due to the high demand of FB in México, MPI Products, LLC has decided to start FB operations in its Queretaro facility. Queretaro will incorporate a 630 Ton FB press in the second quarter of 2017 along with a beltsand, brush, wash process.  Products up to 12 mm thick will be the focus.

“If we join the new capacity of 1000 Ton Press and the FB Technology in MPI Mx I can ensure the that we can offer a wide variety of products to our customers in México, This will became an advantage of the customers that require both technologies”. Roberto Garcia

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